Hi. I'm an ecologist who works at the Urban Wildlife Institute at the Lincoln Park Zoo. If I had to put my research into a single category, I would say it is in biodiversity informatics. I combine large and complex (i.e., messy) data sources, create new quantitative techniques, and fiddle around on computers an awful lot to determine how biodiversity responds to environmental change across multiple spatiotemporal scales. I am also very interested in understanding ecological principles in urban environments. I believe that cities are an important and overlooked part of the landscape that can conserve biodiversity if we try to do so.

On top of my own research, I am also the analytics advisor for the Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN), which is an international network of researchers who systematically collect (mostly camera trap) data on wildlife distributions along urbanization gradients in different cities. In this role I ensure the integrity of the data that is collected across UWIN and provide statistical support to UWIN members.